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About me...

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I came to this vocation through my own experience of finding healing through somatics and I am so grateful to get to support others on their paths back home to themselves. This work gives me a daily sense of wonder at the persistence of life and the beautiful diversity of our inner worlds.

I received my master's degree through the Somatic Psychology program at California Institute of Integral Studies. I have a background in somatic and experimental dance and have trained in a range of somatic movement approaches including Gaga, the Tamalpa Life/Art Process, and Body-Mind Centering. My previous work in the world also includes journalism and food service. I am inspired by surrender, ancestral healing, the ocean, and the wild.


I identify as a white bisexual cis woman and I consider myself to be on a lifelong decolonial journey. I am happy to speak about my life experiences in consultation or in session.


My supervisor is Licensed Mental Health Counselor Emily Hinman Benedict.

"As we tap into the deep sources of bodily wisdom... we dance the renewal, recreation and healing of ourselves and our world."
— Anna Halprin

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